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Proper Ways To Take Vitamins To Boost Immune System

  • September 28, 2020

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – During the transition period from dry to rainy season, the body’s immune system may decline, which possibly increases the risks of virus or bacteria infection.

Besides consuming nutritious foods, having enough rest, managing stress well, and carrying out regular exercise, taking multivitamin supplements also helps boost the immune system when needed.

A medical expert from pharmaceutical firm Combiphar, Carlinda Nekawaty, explained the best time to take vitamin supplements in order to get the maximum benefits.

According to her, vitamins should be consumed in the morning. “Because it requires energy metabolism for optimal absorption, and it usually rises in the morning,” said Carlinda on a Combiphar Health Desk webinar on September 28, 2020.

She does not recommend taking vitamins at night, especially before bedtime, as the body is already in a passive state. “It will accumulate in the body and will even be harmful,” Carlinda added.

In addition, supplements should be consumed after having meals. This, she claimed, will help foods and vitamins interact with each other. “Practically, all vitamins should be taken after eating so its absorption will be much better,” she said.

Taking vitamin supplements before meals, especially those rich in ascorbic acid such as vitamin C, will cause problems to people with gut issues, Carlina concluded.

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